About the Therapist

About The Therapist Margaret Spelman

Margaret Spelman PhD APPsSI, is a Clinical, Organizational and Counseling Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. She has completed the degrees of BA, MA, MSc, MSc and PhD by research. She is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland and a registrant of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy and of the European Council for Psychotherapy, holding a European Certificate in Psychotherapy. She is twice a graduate of UCD and also of DCU, TCD and the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies in the University of Essex. She lectures on psychoanalytic and psychology post-graduate university courses.

Professional Membership includes
•   Registered Member and Associate of the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)
•   Member of the Clinical and Counseling Divisions of PSI,
•   Full Member of the Irish Forum for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,
•   Full Registered Member of the Irish Council of Psychotherapy
•   Full Registered Member of the European Association of Psychotherapy
•   Holder of the European Certificate in Psychotherapy

Onward Referrals:

When this proves possible or desirable in consideration of constraints of time and space, it is done with the welfare of the client as the priority and with the greatest of care, discretion and confidence to other suitably qualified professionals known to the therapist (PSI and ICP Registrants as appropriate).

My mission statement:

I intend to provide a space in which persons seeking greater self-knowledge and self-acceptance can engage with the work in a secure and supported setting’.

Contact me:

You can contact me during office hours and before 9 in the evening and expect a return call within 24 hours by calling

Note: this dedicated telephone is accessed only by myself. If you leave your name and telephone number on the private message minder. I will return your call with a view to arranging an appointment.