Symptoms and Individual Treatment

Sometimes life events leave us feeling confused, weakened, in pain and without direction, focus or the ability to explain ourselves to friends or family.

Sometimes in what seems outwardly to be a fulfilling successful life we are confounded because without apparent cause we experience great suffering, anxiety, unhappiness and discontent.

NB: These are all valid reasons to seek help. You may arrange a consultation by calling (01) 8103606 (confidential calls responded to within 24hrs) to get help or if you are experiencing any of the following Symptoms:

  • Emptiness - You may have a sense that there is nothing inside
  • Meaninglessness – you may feel that nothing makes sense anymore
  • Isolation – you may feel an acute sense that you are alone in the world
  • Apathy – feeling a severe lack of interest or motivation
  • Depression – all of the above, sadness, with/without unbearable emotional pain
  • Anxiety – feelings of extreme and diffuse worry
  • Worthlessness – a sense that you are of no positive worth
  • Psychic pain this is acute pain in thinking and feeling arising from emotional causes
  • Panic – after an acute belief that something bad or dangerous will happen threatening survival
  • Self Esteem – not much good at anything or as a person.
  • Confidence – loss of trust in one’s self, others and the world
  • Assertiveness - there may a change in one’s ability to stand up for oneself.
  • Bereavement and Loss – when we lose someone or something that we hold dear
  • Relationship breakdown – when a significant or good relationship becomes a source of suffering
  • Suicidal thoughts or impulses – when in our pain and confusion we think of ending our life
  • Sexuality Issues with sexual identity, practice or preferences
  • Emotional, Physical or Sexual Abuse
  • Trauma  - catastrophic events can take away the meaning or sense we attach to things
  • PTSD - Post Trauamtic Stress Disorder - a reaction to trauma where the reaction repeats rather than dwindles
  • Work-related issues – our relation to work and to our organizations also defines us
  • Bullying and Interpersonal Conflict  -abusive encounters impact on our sense of who we are